Friday, May 16, 2008

What is enlightenment? What is it not?

What is enlightenment? What is it not? – Dennis Waite’s latest work exposes the myths and defines this misused term.

Which teaching methods will get you there? And which will not? – Enlightenment: the Path Through the Jungle clearly explains how the traditional methods work and why the modern, Western approaches are most unlikely to.

This book is one of the clearest and most powerful works to date on the subject of enlightenment ­- it provides a detailed examination of the satsang phenomenon (and its more extreme, neo-advaita variant), contrasting these approaches with the traditional methods passed down from teacher to disciple for over a thousand years. Waite’s lucid and engaging writing indicates what is needed in the way of preparation and methodology in order to gain enlightenment, with special attention given to the problems created by modern teachers’ statements to the effect that there is ‘no person’ and ‘nothing to do’.

Nondual Dinner,NYC Thursday, May 29. The traditionalist critique of Western satsang teaching.


The traditionalist critique of Western satsang teaching. "Satsang misinterpreting the teachings of advaita vedanta?" "There *is* enlightenment after all?" "Satsang by itself unable to bring about enlightenment?"

These are controversial claims made in Dennis Waite's new book ENLIGHTENMENT: THE PATH THROUGH THE JUNGLE (,
forward written by yours truly, Greg. This is the first book of its kind: a critique of the Western Satsang and "Neo-Advaita" teachings from the standpoint of traditional Advaita-Vedanta as taught by its founder, Adi Shankaracharya.

You've probably heard the other side. That is, you've probably heard satsang's critique of the traditional paths as not culminating in "direct experience" because of relying on written texts, meditations and spiritual practices. Now it is Advaita Vedanta's turn to respond.


You can download and read the free extracts, and come discuss this controversial new book. To attend the dinner, please RSVP to Daniel at

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