Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Godman's New Ramana Maharshi Blog



Srinivasan said...

Dear David,
We Bhagavan's devotees are greatly
indebted to your wonderful blogs.
They are not only inspirational but also help us in our quest. To be realised now is the greatest service- Ramana: We all want that, thirst for it. David tell us
how is it possible for all of us? Intense desire to be realised will lead us to the path, the true path.
May Bhagavan show us the path.

Cliff Shack said...

Dear Srinivasan,

Ramana has taught us that we all are already self-realized. Can you deny that you exist? The problem is the false notion that we are not realized.Dispell that thought and you have it. It is just that simple.


Srinivasan said...

Dear Cliff,
Wonderful the way you said it. The
other question is how to remove the delusion? Self effort and Grace alone can take us further. May Bhagavan help us in our effort and shower his Grace on us for deliverance.

Cliff Shack said...

Remove the delusion through investigation. Find out who is being deluded? Without answering, simply pose the question to yourself, "Who is deluded?" and abide in the Self that you are for as long as you can. Simple as that. Try it.

srinivasan said...

Dear Cliff,
You said it again wonderfully.
It is Bhagavan's method - to root out every thought that pops up by enquiring to whom it has come and then the answer 'to me', who am 'I', no answer, look for the source of the 'I' thought and remain silent. When a thought pops up again repeat the enquiry process and remain silent again. The mind by sheer force of habit will start preferring to return to the source of 'I' thought and abide there.
Bhagavan has said that what happens further is by sheer Grace.

The Sankalpa(our prayer) to Bhagavan/God/self to guide us to realisation will take us further.
In sadhana I remain where I started almost always. Well may be one day.....

Cliff Shack said...

Remove your doubt and be free. Remove the doubt "I remain where I started" and the doubt "Well may be one day..."

It is only doubt which separates you from the goal you seek.

After investigation, when the doubt arises...remove it and be free in the Self!

Srinivasan said...

Dear Cliff,
Wonderful advice. Thanks to David,
I can draw upon your rich experience and guidance.