Monday, January 28, 2008

My Beloved Body...

Swami Muktananda writes in Play of Consiousness:

'My beloved body, by your grace and help I have
Reached God. I thank you. I have often inconvenienced
and frightened you. I have made you go through so much
anguish and torment on my behalf. But no matter what
I did you always helped me. Truly I am in your debt. O my
dear body! You endowed me with a quick and perceptive
mind. Through you I attained the nirvikalpa state in meditation,
the highest state of all. So, my dear friend, I shall always
be indebted to you. Knowingly and unknowlingly I wronged
you many times, but you always helped me and always did
everything you could for me. Whatever I did to you, you
never gave me anything but your friendship and your
companionship in return. But for you I could not have done
good sadhana and could not have reached God.'
Having said this to the body, the saint merged with the absolute.

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