Monday, December 03, 2007

John Sherman transcripted meeting

"The inquiry is just to look at it, just whenever you can, at this subtle, ineffable certainty that you exist. It is always here. It is so ordinary. It is so unassailable...

...So, look at yourself. Just that. Look at this rock solid certainty that you are every chance you get. don't concern yourself with what goes on in life, in consciousness, in your mind. don't concern yourself with the continuous efforts to fix yourself. Let that go on. You can't stop it anyway. What is that to you? Just look at yourself. See that, in the midst of the most stupid and tormented experiences that you have jumped upon, you are here, untouched, unchanged. Just look. And it is the looking that does the job. Nothing that happens in the mind does anything. It is the looking at this reality that does the job."-John Sherman

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