Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There is only one self. Self is the witness. You are That.


"Sri Bhagavan always stressed the one essential truth that was necessary for Liberation, that there is only one Self and nothing but the Self. Know that and everything else is known. This cannot be repeated too often. You are the Self, he tell us, nothing but the Self, anything else is just imagination, so BE the Self here and now. There is no need to run off to a forest or shut oneself in room; carry on with your essential activities but free yourself from association with the doer of them. Self is the witness, you are That.
Example after example is given in these talks, in language to suit all tastes and mentalities. The reading of the book automatically drives one inward to the source. It is itself a sufficient Sadhana. Do not delude yourself, you are already That, there is nothing more to be obtained, only false association to be shed, limitation to be recognised as illusory.
What more is there to say, but to advise one and all to read this book and try to make it a part of themselves? Not one word to be passed over lightly, or one conversation to be dismissed as superfluous.''
Sri Ramanasramam,1st January, 1955.
Sadhu ArunachalaMajor A. W. Chadwick, O.B.E.
9th November, 1935
93. All are aware of their own Self only. Wonder of wonders! They take what is not as what is, or they see the phenomena apart from the Self. Only so long as there is the knower is there knowledge of all kinds ( direct, inferential, intellectual etc. ); should the knower vanish they all vanish together with him; their validity is of the same degree as his.
6th January, 1935
12. A man asked the Maharshi to say something to him. When asked what he wanted to know, he said that he knew nothing and wanted to hear something from the Maharshi.
M.: You know that you know nothing. Find out that knowledge. That is liberation (mukti).
22nd September, 1936
41. D.: What is that one thing, knowing which all doubts are solved?
M.: Know the doubter. If the doubter is held, the doubts will not arise. Here the doubter is transcendent. Again when the doubter ceases to exist, there will be no doubts arising. From where will they arise? All are jnanis, jivanmuktas. Only they are not aware of the fact. Doubts must be uprooted. This means that the doubter must be uprooted. Here the doubter is the mind.
D.: What is the method?
M.: 'Who am I? is the investigation.
D.: May we perform japa?
M.: Why should you think I am this? Investigate and the thoughts cease. What is, namely the Self, will be revealed as the inescapable residue.
D.: Is hatha Yoga necessary?
M.: It is one of the aids --- not that it is always necessary. It depends upon the person. Vichara surpasses pranayama. In "Yoga Vasistha'' Chudala advises investigation (vichara) to Sikhidvaja for killing the ego.
Reality can be reached by holding on to prana or intellect. Hatha Yoga is the former; Vichara is the latter.
D.: Is there any individuality for the jnani after Realisation?
M.: How can he retain individuality?
Even ordinarily the elders advise achamana and pranamaya before undertaking any work --- be it worldly or other-worldly. That means, concentration of mind accomplishes the work.
D.: I meditate neti-neti (not this - not this).
M.: No-that is not meditation. Find the source. You must reach the source without fail. The false 'I' will disappear and the real 'I' will be realised. The former cannot exist apart from the latter.

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